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This Street Was the Place to Be
03.14.2014 | happenings | comments: 0

I took my usual route to work this morning, and one of my usual streets had a fair amount of construction going on. It was enough that two opposing lanes had to funnel through one lane, and workers had to hold those stop/slow signs we all know.

I found myself stopped at the front of my line, waiting for the signal to move.

One of the oncoming vehicles that had to get through was a recycling truck. This wasn’t exactly great news, but you can’t do much except roll with it.

And at some point in time–I couldn’t say when, exactly–the Foo Fighters’ “Learning to Fly” had begun playing on the radio.

Mercifully, I only saw the truck pick up two or three bins before the cars on the other side had cleared enough that I could move.

I continued my morning commute smiling and amused.

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