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With humor, wit and the occasional contemplative moment, Lee Oser’s The Oracles Fell Silent follows a literary man Richard Bellman as he navigates a bizarre and sometimes dangerous situation involving has-been rock stars and the associated schemers and schemes.

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On Casual Cruelty
04.07.2014 | 700 words | comments: 0

There are probably at least three times as many warnings in the New Testament about the way we speak of others as there are about sexual sin. Just an estimate.

I’m not 100% certain about this, but the pelvic issues appear to be more popular, or at least more popularly debated. Even a good few hours of Catholic Answers probably wouldn’t turn up a real debate about how much malignant gossip is okay, presumably because we agree that the answer is “none.”

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A Roman Catholic Copyleft License?
04.06.2014 | 700 words | comments: 0

Many people are aware of the copyleft movement for media, software and documentation, including things like open-source and creative commons licenses. The general thrust is to keep the work free from being copyrighted by any one entity. To that end, these licenses usually include a stipulation that the work is free to be modified or adapted only into works with similar licenses to the first. However, these licenses don’t have to exclude commercial uses or sale of the product, even if this might be the practical outcome.

What if we created a sort of Catholic “creative commons” licensed learning material for homeschooling parents and schools that didn’t actually cost anything in terms of licensing¬†and was designed, from the start, to be owned by all the faithful?

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